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allmadeofscars's Journal

We Are All Made Of Scars
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This site is completely devoted to revealing scars, both outer and inner. It was inspired by a poem by the dork who created it, when he decided this might be a nice place for people to tell their stories or show their pain. Feel free to talk about the things that have hurt you most deeply and to post any pictures you might have (not pornography). This biography will end here for now, as it has nowhere else to go.

We Are All Made Of Scars

Bite my tongue and bleed these words
For all my pleas have gone unheard
A ghost that lives beneath my skin
Has made me do these things again
You lied and said you had the cure
Some pills to numb and make me pure
But to this day she haunts my dreams
I hear her cries and hear her screams
Can you tell me why my sister died
Why father tortured her while I spied
And prayed for strength to lift a finger
To halt a moment so sure to linger
Doctor, we are all made of scars
But mine have kept me free from bars
They have made me kill people I love
And surely angered your Messiah above
Mine are the scars that scare every man
That is ok, though, since you have a plan
You can make me what society needs
Put a stopper on my sordid misdeeds
What you do is to fill your bank account
There is but one cure pain of this amount
Cut my wrists and bleed this ghost
I die to end my days as evils host
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